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FurlongPark.SS - Street Scene_02

Avant Homes - Furlong Park - Case Study

Client: Avant Homes

Services Delivered: 360° Virtual Tours & Interactive CGI


The Situation

Avant Homes required another ESV Virtual Tour for one of their latest developments, Furlong Park in Doncaster. The Virtual Tours, created entirely in CGI allow Avants customers to explore the new development and properties before they’re built.

A pioneer in of CGI Virtual Tours, Avant Homes we’re one of the first housebuilders in the UK to adopt Virtual Reality as part of their off-plan Marketing and Sales strategy. In fact this was their 87th Virtual Tour as their digital customer experience goes from strength to strength.

The Solution

Our relationship with Avant Homes has been at the heart of our virtual experience development within the house building sector.

For this particular development we delivered:

  • 1x Site Exploration (External Virtual Tour)

  • 143x Virtual Showhomes (Internal Virtual Tour)

  • 2x StreetScenes CGI

  • 11x Housetype CGI

  • 1x Animation Teasers (Optimised for Social Media)

Furlong Park - Website Integration

Example of how Avant Homes embed the Virtual Tours into their website via iframe. 

We have a great relationship with Avant Homes and we’re closing in on a our 100th development for them. They have a fantastic product and we love bringing it to life virtually”

– Alicia Bottomley, Creative Visualiser

The Success

The long lasting relationship we have built over the years has resulted in an in-depth understanding of Avants product and their workflow. We’ve had opportunity to really optimise and refine our in-house processes, enabling us to work smarter. This means we can output projects bespoke to their requirements at pace and at a cost-effective price.

Over our time working with Avant Homes, we have been able to create strong systems and processes making accurate and photo-realistic virtual tour very efficient. We have taken what we have learnt from working with this big client and brought it to many other developers who are really happy with our services”

– Nick Bounds, Lead Visualiser

Much as in the way we treat our visuals, every aspect of our process improves each time. Leading to better visual quality and more efficient workflows.

Review the virtual tour in action for yourself here.