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Bolsterstone AR Film

Bolsterstone - Augmented Reality Film Case Study

The Situation

Bolsterstone Group required an innovative solution to show potential investors the opportunities available at the Chesterfield Waterside Scheme.

The Solution

Our team of visualisers created an Augmented Reality (AR) film combining real-world footage with computer-generated imagery (CGI) to showcase how the Waterside Scheme will look once complete.

The film is an important element of the marketing campaign for Waterside and the work EyeSiteView have undertaken bring the site to life. Rather than just seeing a patch of land, the integration of technology allows potential investors and occupiers to see the scale of the scheme and how it interacts with the local environment in a way that we have never done before.

– Tom Bolsterstone, Development Manager, Bolsterstone Group

The Success

The film has helped bring the development to life and Waterside’s stakeholders can visualise how the completed development will look.

It conveys a clear message to anyone looking at the scheme. Chesterfield Waterside will completely regenerate the north east side of the town centre creating an attractive environment in which to both live and work. The high quality of work that EyeSiteView provide gives us a versatile finished product which we can use in a range of marketing applications.

– Tom Bolsterstone, Development Manager, Bolsterstone Group

Watch the AR film & find out about the Chesterfield Waterside Scheme here.