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House Type Configurator Drives Post Reservation Sales

Driving Post-reservation Revenue with Housetype Configurators

“The company has seen a 41.7% uplift in the purchase of options and extras thanks to the ease of the system, with 93% of Castle Green homeowners recommending the brand.” – Marketing Week”

Client: Castle Green Homes

Development: Willow Fields

The Situation

In the competitive landscape of the real estate industry, Castle Green Homes recognised a significant opportunity to enhance their customer experience while also maximising their revenue potential. Conventional practices in the post-sale selection phase often left homebuyers grappling with complexity and uncertainty when selecting additional options and extras for their chosen house type. This commonly led to indecision, buyer’s remorse and, most importantly, missed opportunities for Castle Green Homes to maximise post-reservation sales.

Castle Green Homes was in search of a transformative solution that could streamline the after-sale process while motivating buyers to explore and invest in a range of upgrade options. 

Key aims of the project included:

  • Simplification of the after-sale process
  • Amplification of post-reservation choices revenue

The Solution

Working closely with Castle Green Homes to address their challenges and aspirations to simplify and amplify their post-reservation process and sales, we developed an innovative and all-encompassing solution – The Housetype Configurator. 

Designed to overcome existing challenges and enhance the homebuyer’s experience, the Housetype Configurator lets buyers visualise all post-reservation options in a live context to bring their dream homes to life.

Vocalised by several housebuilders, one of the most common challenges arising after making a reservation is effectively conveying the value of upgrade choices for flooring, worktops, and appliances to home buyers. Historically, these options have been presented through swatches and brochures, which can be difficult to envision.

Unfortunately, this approach often results in missed opportunities to capitalise on the potential of these upgrade options fully.

The Housetype Configurator has been designed to eradicate these hurdles.

HTC - Willow

Homebuyers and sales advisors can keep track of their selections and spending.

Choice Configurator

The Result

Since the completion and delivery of the Housetype Configurator, Castle Green Homes has reported a 41.7% uplift in the purchase of options and extras thanks to the ease of the system. This digital transformation for Castle Green Homes also contributed to winning the Marketing Week Award for Digital Transformation

The Housetype Configurator serves a dual purpose: it elevates post-reservation sales and the overall buyer experience and provides invaluable insights into buyer behaviours and emerging trends.

Leveraging our Property Analytics Platform, Castle Green is adeptly mining data from their Housetype Configurator. This grants them deeper insights into the favoured upgrade options and their placement within different property sections.

Moreover, it sheds light on the revenue generated by these preferences.

Since launching the Housetype Configurator for Castle Green Homes, the team here at EyeSiteView continues to develop new features to meet the demands of the market.