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Virtual tour animation

Using Flythrough Animations to sell off-plan

Client: William Davis Homes
Development: Prince’s Place

Services delivered:
  • Flythrough Animation
  • Virtual Showhomes
  • 360 Virtual Tour
  • Active Siteplan & Floorplan
  • Housetype & Streetscene CGI

The Situation

A longstanding client of ours William Davis Homes are one of the UKs biggest housebuilders, and have recently finished the final phase of their new development, Prince’s Place. Their work has always been driven by strong family values and understanding, something which can be seen all the way through their building process. From their friendly sales team all the way down to the fine details of the build that make every house a home.

In order to showcase this element of their developments, the EyeSiteView toolkit is essential to realising the site for potential buyers, and selling their dream home, not just a house. 

William Davis wanted to showcase the end result before it was built so that prospective buyers could build an emotional connection to the houses, driving them to purchase off-plan.

Key aims of the Prince’s Place project:

  • Realise and showcase the final development in order to create emotional attachment and drive pre-build sales.
  • Offer prospective buyers an engaging way to explore properties online. 
  • Create a fully immersive & interactive online version of the development.
  • A virtual marketing toolkit that can be utilised by the sales team to drive pre-build sales.

The Solution

The key to providing an accurate representation of the lifestyle and atmosphere of Prince’s Place was to create  a 3D animation of the site. This allows prospective buyers to be transported to the site to experience the lifestyle and imagine themselves living there, creating an emotional attachment to the site, and thus allowing for sales before the build has even begun. 

Flythrough Animation

The flythrough animation is an invaluable tool when it comes to selling homes. Although only a short video, it fully immerses potential buyers in the feel of their new home and creates a sense of community and family, which feeds directly into William Davis Homes priority of being a business with family values. 
Our fantastic Architectural and Creative Visualisers here at EyeSiteView are able to create a photo-realistic, atmospheric and immersive experience in just a few minutes of footage, that will generate off-plan sales for your development. 
The process begins when we receive architectural drawings from the client, such as William Davis, with which we can then create 3D models for each house type and plot. These can be used time and time again to extract various digital content from. 
These models can then be imported into a piece of software within which we can add different materials and textures – such as brickwork to the houses – to be a photo-realistic digital representation of your house types.  We can also populate the scene with 3D models of cars, trees, and plants. 
In order to make the animation itself feel high quality and cinematic, our Creative Visualiser’s  use software to set up cameras in the digital world, and animate them to move in cinematic sequences. This is vital to the success of the animations as it not only realises the development, but also idealises it. This makes it that much more appealing to prospective buyers.
Atmosphere is created by adjusting the diegetic lighting within the digital world. This can include things such as street lights, car headlights, lights turning on and off in windows, and even cloud movement. This creates a distinctively cinematic look and feel to each shot, again idealising the development to potential buyers. 
From here, the real world aspects are added to the digital world, which brings your animations to life and totally immerses the viewer. The scene is populated with animated trees, cars, plants, birds and many other elements, creating a scene in which prospective buyers can truly begin to form an emotional attachment to the development, and start to picture their lives there. 
This is all then rendered, colour graded, and edited into a fantastic video with ambient sounds and animated text.
This unique combination of the realistic and the ideal is what ultimately drives prospective buyers to purchase your homes off-plan. Why wait until later in the development process to sell, when you could prompt off-plan sales today with a 3D Animation from EyeSiteView?
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Housetype & Street Scene CGI

These CGI images go hand in hand with the animations. They are great to use on your website, social media channels, and even print materials in places where a video just is not applicable. These accurate visuals maintain the atmosphere created once buyers have viewed the animation, and by using the CGI photos with all other materials, you can maintain the feel throughout the marketing process, which is not possible if regressing back to 2D images or old representations of the site. 
What seem like small creative choices such as shrubbery and shafts of sunlight are really what makes the difference with these images. Our fantastic creative team know exactly what to do to create the most appealing images for your prospective buyers, and how to draw them in to the dream of their new home.
princes place cgi image on tv

360 Virtual Tours & Virtual Showhomes

Every house type on the Prince’s Place development has a 360 Virtual Tour. This allows potential buyers to really engage with houses in a totally immersive environment, and really start to imagine their lives in each property. With the ability to toggle furniture on and off, as well as various customisation options, potential buyers begin to form an emotional attachment to the home of their choice, and become invested from the pre-build stage. 

Active Site Plan

You can make your sales process more efficient and engaging with active site plans. Prospective buyers can easily filter the plots in order to best suit their needs. This ease and convenience drives sales success as buyers quickly find their dream home, rather than getting frustrated with complicated technologies or long lists of available plots. 
Our Site Plans also connect directly into your CMS, giving you instant access to live data which can help you drive sales. 
Active Site Plan
The Result

The EyeSiteView toolkit has become a vital part of Williams Davis Homes marketing strategy. All of these elements used in conjunction with each other totally realise the development for potential buyers, and drive sales from the earliest possible stage. 

Get in touch today to see how a digital first sales approach can revolutionise the way you sell and ultimately drive success sooner in the process.