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Virtual Showhome

Cora partners with EyeSiteView to launch their new house type range off-plan

Client: Cora

Development: Issac Woods

Services Delivered:

  • Virtual Showhomes
  • Flythrough Animation
  • Hero CGI’s

The Situation

Cora has been dedicated to delivering amazing places to live for their home buyers for a number of years, and now they are committed to delivering an equally exceptional buying experience for their buyers, from the website, social media and into the sales centre. 

Their strategy to enhance their buying experience is accompanied by Cora’s release of 14 new show homes at Issacc Woods in Swadlincote. Having recently reviewed their housetype range, their impending development at Isaac Woods will include the new range of house types in the coming weeks. 

With Cora’s impending release of their 14 thoughtfully crafted collection of spacious, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes on the horizon, they required a package of new assets to bring these new homes to market. With ambitions to deliver more than just the status quo, Cora’s mission was to provide buyers with greater visibility, exploration and understanding of their new range with our Virtual Showhome Package.

Key aims of the project included:

  • Ability to launch a new housetype range off-plan and secure reservations.
  • Drive engagement and visibility to the new housetype range.
  • Enhance buyer’s experience and confidence.

The Solution

Understanding our property partners’ goals and priorities is a key focus for the EyeSiteView team during the initial stages of any project. For Cora, we quickly established their ambitions to launch their new range off-plan and enhance their customer experience and ability to visualise at each point of sale. From social media to the website and sales centre, we created a package of interactive 3D group assets that can be used to not only launch Issac Woods off-plan, but future developments to come. 

3D Services for Property Marketing

By investing in 3D interactive content, Cora can now extract a wide variety of content and expand their interactive offerings anytime.

For this project at Issac Woods, we delivered the following group assets for Cora to launch off-plan.

CGI Property Marketing

Cora's Virtual Showhomes

Looking to release 14 new house types, Cora faced the challenge of marketing these new properties which are awaiting to be built at Issac Woods. Keen to launch the development off-plan and enhance buyer’s ability to visualise and explore show homes that are yet to be built and released, EyeSiteView has been creating a digital twin for each individual showhome. 

Virtual Showhome
Virtual Showhome

With each Virtual Showhome at their disposal, Cora Homes can embed a link for home buyers to explore, and visualise upgrade options on their website, and property portals, such as Rightmove or Zoopla, and incorporate them into their interactive sales experience in the sales centre. 

Our Virtual Showhomes are equipped with the ability to showcase a number of swatch options available to buyers in the bathroom, kitchen as well as wardrobe options.

Interior Flythrough Animation

Alongside their Virtual Showhome portfolio, Cora wanted the ability to drive engagement across all channels. Interior flythrough animations not only showcase each property in its best possible light but also provide buyers with a sense of lifestyle, aspiration and the ability to visualise the space in photorealistic CGI.

Flythrough animations will allow Cora to drive engagement and enable buyers to visualise properties much faster than traditional methods. Delivered in 4K and 1080p, Cora will be able to distribute their assets across all platforms, including large-scale formats.

Hero Interior CGI

Adding the finishing touch to their Virtual Showhome package is our interior hero CGI’s that can be used at every point of sale. From their digital brochures to individual housetype pages, listings and social media our Hero CGI’s will enable Cora to provide home buyers with an accurate representation of their upcoming showhomes before they exist. 

The Result

The Virtual Showhome package will not only enable Cora to launch their upcoming development at Issac Wood off-plan, but it will now form an integral part of Cora’s marketing strategy. With customers now able to visualise, explore and customise every new house type in the range, it will not only provide greater clarity and reassurance, but it will also allow buyers to explore house types that may not be built as an individual show home on-site.

We are delighted to be partnered with Cora and look forward to helping them achieve the next benchmark in customer experience and engagement.