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Property CGI

Fairview Homes partners with EyeSiteView to sell luxury apartments off-plan

Client: Fairview Homes

Development: Aqua

Services Delivered:

  • 360 Virtual Tour
  • Virtual Showhome

The Situation

Having secured land on the idyllic waterfront of Finsbury Park, Fairview Homes was set to build a collection of 82 luxury one, two and three-bedroom apartments. This development would comprise contemporary, stylish interiors boasting luxurious open-plan living. Additionally, the development is set to offer beautifully landscaped gardens and provides access to the West Reservoir for enthusiasts of sailing, kayaking, and open-water swimming. 

Keen to capture off-plan reservations and drive visibility, Fairview Homes required packages of interactive marketing and sales tools to help them reach their off-plan sales targets.

Key aims of the project included: 

  • Increase visibility and drive engagement earlier
  • Ability to launch off-plan and secure off-plan reservations

The Solution

Identifying our partner’s key objectives during the initial consultation period is pivotal as it enables us to tailor their property marketing and sales strategy. For this development, Fairview Homes wanted the ability to showcase their luxury interiors and idyllic setting as a key selling point to their buyer – something that is challenging to envision whilst construction is taking place. 

With greater visibility and exploration, Fairview Homes was keen to secure off-plan reservations.

Using Virtual Showhomes & 360 Virtual Tours to launch apartments off-plan

For this project at Finsbury Park, we created a collection of Virtual Showhomes and an external 360 Virtual Tour to provide greater visibility and understanding of the area and the proposed apartments. 

Fairview Homes 360 Virtual Tour

Like any development, envisioning the picture-perfect final product can be challenging when you’re looking at a construction site. Keen to focus on the lifestyle and idyllic well-connected setting, the EyeSiteView team took visualisation and exploration to the next level with the creation of a 360 Virtual Tour. 

While static CGI imagery of developments provides a flavour of what is to come, 360 Virtual Tours provide residents with a greater understanding of the development, scale and surrounding area.

Buyers explore virtual apartments before they are built

Virtual Showhome
Virtual Apartment

With Fairview Homes keen to showcase the luxury living spaces available and secure reservations off-plan, we created a digital twin of ‘The Paddock’ apartment.

Linked directly to their external 360 Virtual Tour, buyers could go from street view to inside the apartment seamlessly. While inside buyers could get a real feel for the layout, design and feature views from the balcony. 

The Result

With a Virtual Showhome and 360 Virtual Tour now incorporated into Fairview Homes’ marketing and sales strategy, they are now able to launch their development sooner. Driving engagement, enquiries and off-plans reservations thanks to the increased visibility and confidence this package provides. 

We are delighted to have partnered with Fairview Homes on this project and look forward to driving future engagement and off-plan sales.