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Clackmannanshire County Council Launch Virtual Public Consultation

Robertson Group Increase Accessibility & Community Engagement Using Virtual Public Consultations

Client: Robertson Group on behalf of Clackmannanshire County Council

Planning Proposal: New Wellbeing Hub & Replacement Lochies School

Services Delivered:

  • Virtual Public Consultation
  • Analytics

The Situation

Robertson Group working in partnership with Clackmannanshire County Council were seeking an engaging and fully accessible platform where they could provide their local community with a comprehensive insight into their upcoming planning proposal. By taking their public consultation online, they wanted to drive community engagement.

This new facility on the west side of Alloa would comprise a multi-functional Wellbeing Hub as well as a replacement for Lochies School. Boasting a range of diverse and specialist facilities, Clackmannanshire County Council wanted to provide an online resource that would drive community engagement and provide insightful feedback.

Key aims of the project included:

  • Increase accessibility and duration of the public consultation period.
  • Drive community engagement and receive more feedback.

The Solution

Traditional public consultations, often hosted in local venues for brief periods, present significant limitations. Not only do they incur substantial costs for organizers, but their short duration also drastically curtails public access and visibility.

With Clackmannanshire County Council’s goals to increase accessibility and drive community engagement, the EyeSiteView team created a virtual public consultation that could be accessed online for 8 weeks. 

The ‘virtual town hall’ comprised of their company branding alongside a variety of planning materials and visuals that conveyed the proposed project in depth.

Enhancing Community Engagement with Online Public Consultations

Planning materials for this project included:

  • A welcome overview of the project and the vision Clackmannanshire County Council had for the local community 
  • Location Maps
  • Site analysis and site concepts
  • Building concepts and plans
  • Indicative CGI
  • FAQ’s
  • Feedback form 
Screenshot 2024-05-09 091439
Robertson Group Partners with EyeSiteView

The Result

Online Public Consultation

During the first 4-weeks of the Clackmannanshire County Council’s virtual public consultation, the online event received 1,091 individual sessions. Crunching the numbers further our analytic platform reported an average dwell time of 3 minutes 43 seconds per session and a total dwell time of 67 hours and 32 minutes spent by users during the first 4 weeks of the consultation.

Traditional events only provide a narrow window of engagement time where the community is expected to research, understand and provide valuable feedback. By increasing the duration accessibility and providing all resources online it allowed the community to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the proposed plans as they were able to digest all information at their own pace. 

On launch day alone Clackmannanshire received 300 visits, and over the 4 weeks received over 200 feedback forms. 

We look forward to seeing how this project continues to evolve over the coming months.