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Driving community and stakeholder engagement for planning success with Virtual Public Consultations

Client: Scottish Borders Council on behalf of Turner & Townsend

Services Delivered: Virtual Public Consultation + CGI Animation


The Situation

The Scottish Borders Council (SBC) required an engaging platform to consult the local community on a new community campus to replace the existing Galashiels Academy.

The Solution

An informal Virtual Public Consultation (VPC) was created allowing the public to view, understand and comment on the proposals for the new Community Campus in Galashiels.


The platform pulls together content created by the wider project team and presents them online in an engaging 360° environment.

  • The platform hosted the following content:
  • Bespoke welcome screen
  • Interactive hotspots linking to
    • Consultation boards
    • Videos
    • Virtual Tours
    • Before / After animations
    • Frequently asked questions
  • Feedback form
  • Analytics

The local community were informed of the VPC through notifications on the Councils website, regular press-releases and social media updates.

In addition to delivering the consultation platform, EyeSiteView also contributed toward the online content hosted on the platform; A Before/After video animation was created that used CGI to super-impose the proposals over real life drone footage. The purpose is to assist the viewer understand how the building fits into its context and positioning on site.

Virtual Public Consultation

The Result

The informal Virtual Public Consultation was live for the public to provide feedback between 18/03/21 – 25/04/21. It remains open for anyone to view the proposal information.

Analytics captured the user’s session data and reports we’re generated to analyse the performance of the online consultation.


Key metrics included:

  • Total Sessions: 1,454
  • Average Dwell time: 24mins

Over 100 feedback forms were completed by the local community and are being reflected upon by the project team and councillors.

We look forward to seeing this exciting project evolve!

See it in action