Data-backed 360 Virtual Tours

Understand How House Buyers Use Your 360 Virtual Tours with Property Analytics

Not all 360 Virtual Tours and interactive property marketing content are built equally. 

In the realm of property marketing and visualisation, interactive content may feel and look similar, but they differ enormously. From quality to capability and delivery output, the home buying experience and ultimately a developer’s return on investment can vary greatly.

Beyond appearances and customer experience, the biggest hole is data. 

If you’re looking to invest in interactive property marketing content you need to ensure you have the ability to track those resources in-depth, here’s why you need to understand more about your 360 Virtual Tours.

What Data Can I Track From 360 Virtual Tours?

Let’s set the scenario. You’ve got a designated landing page for your development on your website, or perhaps you have an interactive screen within your sales centre. On the web you embed your 360 Virtual Tour onto a page, the time on the page looks good, the bounce rate is low, and visits look okay.

Within your sales centre, you aren’t tracking the experience, you’re taking it at face value. You may be thinking what more do I need to know?

There’s much more you need to know…

So what does our interactive 3D content track?

360 Virtual Tour Data

For 360 Virtual Tours, our Property Analytics platform can provide developers with precise data down to the specific plot on that site. Showing which plot has received the most visits in comparison to others.

Alongside specific plot data, our analytic platform provides a rounded overview of

  • Total visits
  • Visits per day
  • Average dwell time 
  • Total dwell time
  • Visit duration 
  • Device and operating system 
  • AI-assisted analysis of your data

Site-specific and plot-specific data allows you to gain a full understanding of your development and home buyer’s preferences, down to the plot and even the housetype. Harnessing this data allows developers to be more strategic with their decision-making and can also assist with house-type range reviews. 

360 Virtual Tour
360 Virtual Showhome

Data-backed Property CGI

360 Virtual Tours aren’t the only interactive CGI services that are tracked by our Property Analytics platform. Our Housetype Configurator and Virtual Showhomes are also tracked, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your digital property marketing tool kit. 

We are proud to provide our partners with interactive content that prioritises quality, customer experience, and return on investment. If you’re looking to start your digital transformation, or are interested to gain greater insights into your home buyers book a call with one of our friendly team members today.