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Making the review process simple with EyeSiteReview

Whether you need to review your digital assets like your 360 tours or want to make changes to your existing show home collection, EyeSiteReview enables your team to give feedback directly to visualisers and your wider team.

Delivering the highest quality is something we pride ourselves on, and that’s why we built a review platform to ensure nothing short of perfection for your digital tours and show homes. After all, you want your digital site representation to reflect what home buyers will see when it’s actually built. 

Without the review tool, assessing tours and showhomes can be a lengthy and heavily manual task. With EyeSiteReview, you leave nothing open to interpretation.

Simply navigate your tour and leave comments as you go.

How does EyeSiteReview Work?

Log in to your portal

Once you have logged into your portal, you will be able to see all your available 360 Tours & Vitual Show Home Tours listed. 

Select the tour you want to review

Once you are logged in you will see all your available tours listed. Simply select the tour you wish to review to start

Start reviewing

Pin-point your comment accurately. Want to use a different brick colour for a certain house type? Simple write a comment at the exact location and move on.

Submit your review

Once you have finished your review, submit your comments. A downloadable PDF will be sent to our team for instant assessment. 

What are the benefits of EyeSiteReview?

Save Time With EyeSiteReview

Significantly Reduces Review Time

Say goodbye to lengthy emails and conflicting information with our centralised review platform


Provide Instant Feedback

Once you have completed reviewing your 360 Tour or Show Home, submit your comments for our visualisers to review.

Visualise Comments with EyeSiteReview

Visualise All Feeback Accurately

Take the guesswork out of your feedback. Leaving comments attributed to specific areas and locations enables visualisers, and your wider team to understand your comments in the best context.

Make Comments With EyeSiteReview

Make Precise Comments

Leave comments in the exact location they relate to, enabling visualisers and the wider team to accurately assess your feedback.

Review House Types

Review House Type Collections

Aside from your digital assets, the EyeSiteReview tool can be used to trial future adjustments to existing House Types.

All Devices EyeSiteReview

Simple & Easy To Navigate

Navigate the EyeSiteReview tool like you would a 360 Tour or Virtual Show Home. Simply make comments and submit when you’re finished.

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Interested or have more questions about our EyeSiteReview Tool?

Leave us a message below, and one of our team members will be in touch shortly. 

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