How Build-To-Rent Developers Are Securing Off-Plan Tenants

As the build-to-rent sector continues to expand in the UK, developers are increasingly looking for innovative ways to attract and secure tenants off-plan. Unlike traditional rental properties that are already on the market, build-to-rent properties face the challenge and demand to showcase their upcoming properties before they exist.

While build-to-rent developments differentiate themselves by leaning on their superior amenities, it can be challenging for residents to understand the level of offerings when it’s still yet to be built. 

With the fast-paced nature of the rental market and stiff competition from readily available rental offings, build-to-rent developers are starting to leverage Interactive Property Marketing tools that are often seen used for traditional residential property sales in a bid to secure tenants off-plan. 


Differentiating from Traditional Rentals

Many build-to-rent developments are equipped with a plethora of modern amenities and community-focused living spaces which inherently offer a different lifestyle from traditional rentals on the market. However, before they are built and can be explored in person, this is often challenging for residents to envision, especially due to the scale of many vast developments taking place in city centres. 

Developers are now leveraging the successful tried-and-tested techniques of their residential property sales counterparts. Interactive CGI tools that are used within residential sales also pose to be hugely advantageous for the build-to-rent market.

By creating a digital-twin of the development you can extract and present a wider variety of marketing content and tools that can be distributed via your website, sales centre, social media and property portals.

By investing in Interactive CGI Developers of build-to-rent properties can now tell a story and invite tenants to explore the development in greater detail all before it’s built.

4 Ways Build-To-Rent Developers Can Secure Tenants Off-Plan

360 Virtual Tours for Build-to-rent

Build-to-rent developers boast a variety of residential and communal spaces, but due to their size, it can be challenging to understand how this may look until it’s been built.

With 360 Virtual Tours, tenants can take to the pavement and walk around your development on foot before it’s built.

Gaining a perspective of scale, layout and all the spaces and views that are on offer. 360 Virtual Tours can be seamlessly linked to Virtual Showhomes providing a seamless and continuous journey into the building or individual apartments.

The use of 360 Virtual Tours not only revolutionises the initial viewing experience but also significantly enhances the decision-making process for potential tenants earlier. This level of detailed exploration helps build a higher degree of confidence and satisfaction. 

360 Virtual Tour Varsity Pulse

Image of 360 Virtual Tour by EyeSiteView – Fairview Homes – Colindale

Interactive CGI for Build to rent

Image of 360 Virtual Tour by EyeSiteView – Fairview Homes – Aqua

Virtual Showhome Apartment

GIF of Virtual Showhome by EyeSiteView – London Apartment

Virtual Showhome Apartment

GIF of Virtual Showhome by EyeSiteView – Tors Park

Virtual Showhomes

Extending further from the initial site exploration, Virtual Showhomes provide a clearer understanding of each apartment. Whether you want to showcase every apartment or a selection, Virtual Showhomes provide the flexibility to show your tenants more.

Building and staging a showhome is costly and needs to be repeated on every site, which is why developers only opt for a small number. With Virtual Showhomes, you can not only use them to launch off-plan initially but if you’re planning on building that exact property or apartment again, they can be used time and time again. 

Virtual Showhomes also offer developers the flexibility to include swatch options if they have them. This allows tenants to view options for key family spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and even fitted wardrobes.

Bring Developments to Life With 3D Active Site Plans

Transforming static flat 2D site plans into interactive 3D site plans not only provides a more accurate representation of your development but also provides live data at your fingertips. From availability to monthly prices, and bedrooms, tenants can pinpoint their property search.

3D Active Siteplans can also be linked to 360 Virtual Tours and Virtual Showhomes to provide customers with a seamless exploration through the site from outside in. 


Vantage Plus

Showcase Lifestyle with Flythrough Animations

By integrating storytelling into flythrough animations, developers can do more than just showcase the structural and aesthetic features of a property; they can also evoke a sense of life and potential within the space.

It allows viewers to envision not just a building, but a future home, workplace, or community hub, complete with scenes of daily life that might unfold there. This narrative approach helps create a connection between the viewer and the property, making it more memorable and desirable by highlighting its unique ambience and possibilities.

Storytelling in flythrough animations effectively communicates not just the design, but the vision and values behind a development, making it an indispensable tool in marketing and selling properties.

The Future of Build-To-Rent

For build-to-rent developers in the UK, utilising interactive CGI such as 360 Virtual Tours, Virtual Showhomes and Flythrough Animations can significantly enhance how off-plan properties are presented and marketed.

These innovative technologies not only provide a tangible experience for intangible homes but also elevate the property’s appeal and unique selling points compared to traditional rental options, thus attracting more tenants willing to commit off-plan. 

As the build-to-rent market continues to grow, developers who harness these property marketing tools will lead the charge in transforming rental marketing strategies and tenant engagement.