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Property CGI backed by data

Gain greater insights into home buyers’ preferences to tailor your marketing strategy. 

250+ developments launched off-plan
15,000+ plots delivered
3.7bn worth of property sold

Gain greater insights from your 3D CGI content

Want to learn more about your home buyer’s behaviour site-to-site, plot-to-plot? Or perhaps you want to gain a greater understanding of their preferences in the sales centre or post-reservation?

Not all property CGI services are built the same, here’s why…



Exerior & Interor Hero CGI
CGI Property Still

Property Analytics are built into our CGI services and platforms

If you’re looking to invest in an interactive property marketing package you should be looking for 3 key ingredients:

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Ability to increase off-plan sales
  • Data insight into how your buyers engage with interactive content.

360 Virtual Tours, Virtual Showhome Tours and Configrators can provide you with detailed insights from plot to plot, house to house, enabling you to understand what properties are popular, and which locations. 

A number of our 3D interactive CGI services are tracked by our Property Analytics platform as standard.

Property Analytics at a glance


What are the benefits?

Property Analytics Platform

Capture & Track Data

Gain invaluable insights into detailed data that Google is unable to record from your 3D interactive assets.

Property Analytics

Live Data Collection

Data is collected simultaneously. Your team will receive regular reports to gain detailed insights into your interactive content.

Property Analytics

Customer Behaviour Insights

Get a true understanding of how your home buyers are interacting with your 3D assets. See where, what and how they are interacting.

Track 360 Virtual Tours

Monitor Your Digital Strategies

Make informed decisions plot-to-plot and site-to-site based and customise your approach based on detailed insights instead of guesswork.

Virtual Showhomes

Development-Specific Reports

Keep track of each development and how customers are behaving with our development reports.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

Our Analytic Platform complies with all the latest GDPR compliancy rules and regulations.

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