Property Developers Guide to Interactive Sales Centre

Your complete guide to an interactive sales centre

If you’re looking to dip your toe into a more interactive sales journey and customer experience for the first time it can feel like a minefield. 

What screen? What content? How much? Monthly retainers? Cross channel?

It can feel a tad overwhelming. 

So we’ve created this guide to help you discover what interactive solution would suit your project and budget. 


Want answers without the faff? 

Hop to the question you need answering: 

  1. What touchscreen solution does EyeSiteView provide?
  2. What content do I need?
  3. Vantage Air vs Vantage
  4. What Vantage solution is best for me?
  5. What makes Vantage the best touchscreen solution?

Vantage – The All-In-One Property Exploration Suite.

We’ve been working with property developers of varying scales, budgets and goals for many years so we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to property marketing and sales. 

We are currently witnessing a surge and focus from our clients and industry leaders surrounding the home-buying experience. The modern home buyer now expects an information and visual-rich journey from the web to the sales centre. 

As more and more housebuilders continue to grow and develop their interactive property marketing strategy from the web to the sales centre, we are also seeing an increasing requirement for more data and insight into the customer’s behaviour and journey. 

Working alongside our clients we have developed an interactive omnichannel property exploration suite designed to enhance customer’s experience both in the sales centre and at home, which crucially provides them with the insights into their preferences and behaviour that they need to keep ahead of their marketing strategies. 


What content do I need for an interactive sale centre experience?

Our omnichannel approach allows us to deliver an interactive sales experience that grows with you.

Content You Already Own

Interactive experiences can start with content and devices you already own.

With our Vantage Air, Vantage and VantageAnywAir solutions, we take your existing marketing assets and make them interactive including your static site plans. 


3D Content We Create

Launching without showhomes is easy with our plus range.

For our  Vantage+ / Vantage Air+  range you can confidently launch your developments off-plan with the use of 3D interactive content we create. 

  • 3D Active Siteplans
  • Virtual Showhomes
  • 360 Tours
  • Housetype Configurators
  • Flythrough Animation
Vantage Touchscreen

Vantage Air vs Vantage

What’s the difference between Vantage & Vantage Air?

Vantage Air brings versatility to your sales approach.

Enjoy flexibility with our tablet-based solution, perfect for a more personal exploration in the sales centre. Mirror the experience on a Smart TV for shared viewing and make decision-making collaborative and engaging. 

Vantage brings immersive interactivity to your sales approach.

Experience the full power of our platform on a large touchscreen at the sales centre, and engage your customers like never before. 

Our large touchscreen interface, enriched with stunning visuals and VR integrations offers an immersive journey through your properties, setting the stage for impactful sales presentations. 

Dive into detailed, life-like tours with our integrated VR headset, bringing every corner of your future home to life.

Plus or Standard?

The key difference between our plus and standard range is the content.

With Vantage+ and Vantage Air+, we create interactive 3D assets for your touchscreen or device to help you sell off-plan successfully. 

With Vantage and Vantage Air, we take the content you already own and make it interactive to enhance your customer experience.

What Vantage solution fits me best?

As we mentioned before, when it comes to adding interactivity to your sales experience, one-size does not fit all, here’s our suggestions: 

Large-Scale Property Developers

For developers who are frequently building developments but looking to enhance their customer experience whilst optimising their budget, Vantage+ offers the perfect solution. 

Fully interactive and immersive, Vantage+ allows you to launch developments off-plan. Once your group assets have been created they can be used on new developments for a fraction of the cost.


Mid-Scale Property Developers

If you’re looking for an engaging customer experience that can grow with you Vantage is the perfect starting place. Taking all your assets including your static 2D site plan and making them interactive you can uplift your customer experience in as little as 7 days*.

*7 day lead time is subject to instruction

Small/ Mid-Scale Property Developers & Estate Agents

For developers or estate agents keen to enhance their customer experience and sales flexibility, but not ready to invest in additional hardware, Vantage Air is the ideal solution.

Connecting to your existing Smart TV Vantage Air allows you to guide or share the sales journey with buyers in a more engaging way.

Vantage Air

Why Choose Vantage?

Exceptional Experience with Insights

Like our interactive 3D property marketing content, our Vantage Platform is also tracked by our Property Analytics platform.

Providing you with key insights into customer preferences, choices, and engagement.

Data Backed
No Outsourcing or Agencies
Plug & Play Ready
Vantage Air

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