The 7 Emotions of Buying a New Build Home

Buying a New Build House

Buying a house, for many people, is one of the biggest days of their life. It’s a monumental moment, a real landmark. The first house is always the most special, it’s the first time that bricks and mortar become reality and keys are handed over. For a buyer, it’s time to move away from their parents or paying their landlord and instead pay into their own home.

Well the day that keys are exchanged can actually feel like the peak of a mountain, with many weeks and months of researching, planning and process going into the actual house purchase. As housing developers and professionals looking to get the right home in-front of the right person, it’s important we understand the emotions that our customers go through during this life-changing event. 

Think about it, there are many stages before a customer picks up the keys and enjoys their first cuppa on move-in day. First there’s the hunt for the right location, even before property is considered. Then new-build developments are weighed-up, viewed, researched and shared with the family. Showhomes are visited, virtual tours are explored. Then there’s the huge step of closing out the offer, sealing a mortgage and locking in the deposit. All of this and we haven’t even mentioned the ‘moving out and moving in’ rigmarole. 

Knowing the emotions that surface at each stage help us understand the customer mindset at each step, it helps us understand how we can make the process as smooth and as relaxing as it can possibly be. Life doesn’t stop while someone buys a home. 

With that in mind, we considered the seven emotions that a typical customer will go through at each key stage of the buying process. Here they are:

Emotion 1 – Overwhelmed – Is it Time to Move?

With the first step often being research, it can feel overwhelming when the sheer number of options available dawns on the customer. Location is obviously a key factor but even once a broad postcode has been determined, there are so many factors for the mover to consider. If the customer has a family, should they be near a school? If they work in a city, should the family be close to a train station for the commute? How about being walking distance to a supermarket or local park?

Then when all the details have been decided, it’s time to start looking at property options and assessing new build developments in the area. Then once a development has been selected, it’s finding the right style of build within it. All of this can feel a bit overwhelming as customers narrow down what exactly is the right build and location for them.

Emotion 2 – Excitement – Decision to Buy a House

Now that our mover has searched around, found an interesting area they could call home; it’s time they reached a decision to buy a house.

This brings an initial wave of excitement. There is still plenty to sort, but reaching the decision that now is the time to buy; can spark a buzz. This is where that first contact with a developer can happen, whether that’s a phone call or an online enquiry form, the ball is rolling.
Actually, this excitement can be the calm before the storm for many customers going through a typical buying process. This initial feeling of excitement comes from finally deciding that paying rent could be a thing of the past! 

Emotion 3 – Nerves – Will my Sofa Fit? 

Once a plot or build has been selected, or at least inquired about; the reality of the process can begin to set in and alongside it, nerves. Questions start to surface – will my sofa fit? Is my family table too big for the kitchen? Do I have too much furniture for the rooms? Will I be able to get a double bed in that bedroom? Overall, there can often be concerns about the space and volume available in the new build and ensuring prized possessions can be move in with ease. 

Before virtual tours, movers were given 2-dimensional floor plans when buying off plan. These can be difficult to gain a true sense of volume. Unless the customer is an architect, they won’t be clear on how much space is actually available through the build. This can contribute towards nervousness and leave the customer unclear on what furniture they need to buy, or get rid of. 

Emotion 4 – Attachment – Showhomes Viewed

Next comes the details. The refining of specific properties that fit the bill. This can be an interesting stage of the purchase process for many, as they look to undertake viewing showhomes or similar properties. This is also where virtual tours come in, as we saw with John Cooper’s case study [linked here], not all developments have a showroom for every property type. This means your best option is to use a virtual tour to get a true representation of their new build.

Where housebuilders want to showcase a home that hasn’t yet been built, virtual tools are an extremely useful tool.. Showhomes can still be visited to give the mover a real-life experience of similar builds, but a virtual tour of the exact space; can be reassuring and provide confidence to the customer. It’s during this stage that movers can often feel a deep sense of attachment to their potential new home and imagine themselves living there. All before they’ve put down an offer or really investigated whether that place is for them. 

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Emotion 5 – Realism – Expectations Need to be Managed

As more and more showhomes are viewed and virtual tours undertaken, a sense of realism can begin to set in. That initial excitement and attachment felt towards a specific showhome can begin to dissipate. Remember, the decision making process can be a long one and a movers ‘dream home’ can sometimes change in definition. Following the first round of viewing showhomes, a sense of realism can set in. Perhaps the buyer needs to adjust their expectations on how far their budget will stretch, or maybe the ideal house isn’t exactly right for their needs. For example, a home office is more important than having a double garage, or maybe the mover overlooked the need to have more green space out the back.

Usually these reality checks actually push the mover closer to the home that’s right for them. It’s now that they begin to really slim down their options. They’ve looked around showhomes, they’ve experienced virtual tours, their short list of property should be whittling down to the final one. It’s getting close. 

Emotion 6 – Confusion – Too Many People to Show

Before the deal can be sealed, we often overlook how many people are actually involved in the customer’s decision making process. Yes, there may only be a small family moving in, but the wider family makes up important stakeholders. Often family members will need to give their seal of approval before deposits are placed. This is especially confusing for the mover when selecting fixtures and finishes. Typically buyers are expected to make decisions based on small material swatches for entire kitchens, bathrooms and flooring. There are lots of choices to be made (kitchen worktop colours, bathroom tiles, door handles, skirting board styles etc).

Thankfully, virtual tours and housetype configurators provide a detailed and convenient way of sharing the exact dimensions of a home to all family members that need to be involved. Kitchen layouts can be visualised, right down to the colour of the counter top.

This saves Mums, Dads and even Grandparents from having to come and visit a showroom or a building site to get a sense of the new build. Virtual tours can be watched, rewatched and studied to ensure the full family is happy before a deposit is committed. This usually helps the buyer feel confident and can actually expedite the process from exploring to reserving. Some buyers have been known to use the virtual tour even after sale, to help them plan and design their dream home.

Emotion 7 – Elation – Deposit is Place, New Home Secured

This is obviously the best part of the process, the buyer is elated as they’ve managed to get all the family onboard with their property of choice. Now it’s a case of the mover working through the nuance and detail of all the paperwork, then keys can be handed over.

For the buyer, there is still plenty of work to be done, with furniture and belongings still to be moved but it certainly marks a monumental moment where bricks and mortar become a home. This is the peak of their emotional journey.

Annemarie’s Experience with Virtual Tours – Buying a Property in Nottinghamshire

Of course, the emotions we’ve outlined above won’t always follow a rigid step by step process. There will be highs and lows throughout the whole process. Annemarie recently bought a home in Nottinghamshire and found EyeSiteView virtual tours an essential tool in sealing the deal on her new home.

Here’s her house-buying story:

Annemarie, 54, a customer service manager looking for a new home, recently took an interest in a development situated in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Fortunately her chosen developer employs CGI virtual tours as part of the sales process. As a first-time new build buyer, she was met with a few insecurities surrounding the possible outcome of her potential purchase.

Annemarie was then presented with the opportunity to use our services, designed and carefully created to put buyers at ease with confidence in their options available.

“EyeSiteView leaves you with an image that I can always look towards, I can back up my decisions with this tool and feel I have made the right choice. I often refer to it, even after I closed the sale, so that I can plan out my furnishings for the future. This service has played an important part in planning our move.”

“The furnishings look classy yet affordable and encourage change and the chance to experiment with new ideas. I wasn’t made to feel too old to go with the flow at all. It’s extremely user friendly and simple for me to use.”

Annemarie uses the virtual tour tool often, sharing her future home with friends and family, with convenience and accessibility of multiple platforms.

“EyeSiteView is an invaluable feature; I have been given an amazing overview of the property and possibility to explore before I settled.”

We wish Annemarie a pleasant move and all the best to her new family home.

Understand the emotions, understand the customer

There you have it, it really can be an emotional rollercoaster moving home. There are certainly patterns of the different emotions that buyers go through. There can be levels of uncertainty with new build developments, with showhomes sometimes being unavailable or showhomes not being an exact replica of the desired property.
With virtual tours, you  give your customers the highest level of transparency to their new home and also give them confidence and convenience to explore the property with family and friends.

If you’d like to find out more about virtual tours and other interactive sales tools , get in touch with us today to book a demo.

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