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Virtual Public Consultation

Digital solutions for every step of the construction process

Enhance planning outcomes through Virtual Public Consultations, driving community and stakeholder engagement.

Effective engagement with the community and stakeholders holds significant importance during the preliminary phases of any project, irrespective of its scale.

Due to their online nature, Virtual Public Consultations eliminate barriers within the local community, enhancing transparency and trust. This offers a more precise representation of local feedback, allowing conflicts to be identified early.

Drive community and stakeholder engagement
Access 24/7 via a smartphone, computer or tablet
Analyse and report in real-time
Identify conflicts early and improve planning outcomes
Empower communities and build trust
All your planning materials available at your fingertips

Key Features

Tailor your plan to meet your consultation needs. Choose from 1 to 22 weeks’ duration. Subscribers can seamlessly begin their virtual public consultation journey through a user-friendly portal.

Utilise interactive stands to display materials like site plans, drawings, videos, galleries, and virtual reality tools such as 360 tours. This immersive experience enhances user engagement and offers a comprehensive project overview. It enables stakeholders and local communities to provide well-rounded feedback.

Each consultation provides real-time data analytics to provide accurate insights into community and stakeholders’ preferences and dwell times. 

Customisable 360 Enviroment

Choose from a selection of engaging 360 environments and customise themes to reflect your brand and event.

Real-time Analytics

Harness data such as average dwell times, most visited, and community preferences in one accessible location in realtime.

Integrated Planning Materials

Showcase your project videos, site plans, graphics, galleries, virtual reality tools, GIS & 3D Models in your online consultation to provide a clear picture of your project’s objectives.

Live Feedback Forms

Respond to queries and interact directly with members of the public and stakeholders with ease.

Flexible Consultation Period

Choose a duration from 1 to 22 weeks to optimise engagement with local communities and stakeholders, ensuring a precise reflection of their feedback.

What is a Virtual Public Consultation?

A Virtual Public Consultation is an interactive, user-friendly online consultation platform that allows you to host your planning consultation online. Accessible 24/7 users can access the consultation from any location anytime, breaking down the barriers for community engagement and maximising stakeholder interactions.

Scottish Border Council Virtual Public Consultation

Driving community engagement for planning success

Discover how the Scottish Border Council successfully engaged their local community to progress planning for a newly proposed school.

What Are The Benefits  

Realtime Reports With Virtual Public Consultations

Analyse & Report In Realtime

Collect data in real-time from your visitors. You can capture and report more accurately and efficiently from average dwell times to preferences and views.

Enhance Project Quality with Virtual Public Consultations

Enhance Project Quality

Shifting your consultation online offers a greater chance to swiftly collect extensive data, providing deeper insights into your project more easily and efficiently.

Increase Planning Outcomes With Virtual Public Consultations

Increase Planning Outcomes

Enhancing Public Consultation accessibility captures precise community and stakeholder feedback, ensuring a more informed and successful decision-making process.

Build trust with Virtual Public Consultations from EyeSiteView

Trust & Transparency

Online consultations empower you to communicate your project’s objectives effectively, building trust within the local community through clear and concise messaging.

Planning Conflicts

Identify Conflicts Early

With a more extended and flexible consultation period, you can engage audiences in your project and identify potential conflicts early.

Accessible 24/7

Accessible 24/7

Virtual Public Consultations enable stakeholders and community members to access and provide feedback from any location at any time.