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Virtual Public Consultation

Digital solutions for every step of the construction process

Drive community and stakeholder engagement
Access 24/7 via a smartphone, computer or tablet
Participate in a consultation event without physically being there
Provide instant feedback through inbuilt contact forms

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What is a Virtual Public Consultation and why do you need one?

Public consultations are an excellent example of a process that can be enhanced with virtual technology.

Organising a public event is very difficult right now, however community and stakeholder engagement is crucial during pre-construction phases of all projects – regardless of their size.

In addition, the public need to be consulted on large scale projects and have the opportunity to be part of the discussion. Local authorities and planning consultants have a requirement to gain public opinion, and ultimately progress developments to keep the economy moving.

A virtual public consultation is primarily aimed towards planning consultants, constructions companies and local authorities.

It’s primary aim is to drive community engagement and enhance the traditional public consultation format. Users can participate in a consultation event without physically being there. All information about a future development is easily accessed in one place allowing engagement every step of the way and the content can be accessed 24/7 via a smartphone, computer or tablet – from the comfort of your own home.

See how the Scottish Borders Council used a VPC to engage the local community »

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